Lone Wolf Leagues runs pool leagues for the 21st century.

Serious pool players care about their knowledge and skill and work hard to improve it. They need a league just for them, playing singles, where they win or lose based only on their own performance.

Our leagues play Straight Pool and One Pocket, and we’re adding 8 Ball and 9 Ball by the end of the year.

Players compete at their convenience, enabling great flexibility and a greater league membership. We can easily accommodate different player scheduling requirements because everyone doesn’t have to play on the same day at the same time. Play your matches whenever the host pool room is open and both players are available.

Scoring is quite simple, minimizing annoying paperwork. The match fees are $10 per person per week, and we pay 70% back as prizes, in cash.

Handicaps recalculate after every match, with no subjective input except for the starting number.

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