About John Biddle

Youth and Education

John Biddle spent his youth in Middlesex county New Jersey, both in Sayreville and South Plainfield where he graduated high school in 1970. After 2 years at Rutgers he transferred to Boston University, where he graduated in 1974 with a BA in Philosophy and a minor in English.

Moved to Florida

John Biddle
John Biddle

Hating the cold weather and having experienced warm winters in Florida as a kid visiting his grandparents in Clearwater, John moved there right after college. He took a job as a policeman in St Petersburg, thinking he would pay his debt to society that way rather than in the military. Though he expected to move on to something else within 5 years, inertia set in and he stayed for 11 years before he left. Knowing he didn’t want to stay in law enforcement, John went to graduate school during his last 3 years as a cop, getting his MBA in Finance from the University of South Florida in 1983.

He liked finance, but he liked computers much more, and took a job with First Florida Bank in PC support. John stayed in tech at a succession of banks (a merger, a change and 3 more mergers) and at a series of more senior positions, and retired from JPMorgan Chase in 2006.

Learns to Love Pool

He had started playing pool his last semester at Rutgers and loved it, but couldn’t play while at BU, the work was just too tough. Long out of the habit, he didn’t pick up a cue again for over 30 years. He had time for pool again once he retired, found he still loved it and started playing often.

John Biddle started Pool Student’s Blog in 2008 and kept it going for a few years but got busy and let it languish. Since it hadn’t reached a level of popularity warranting renewed effort and continuing expense, he let it die. During its life he started a Blog Carnival with over a dozen other pool bloggers, and that was a hit for awhile and he got to make friends with some great pool bloggers. He even won a Best Pool Blog of the Year award from Billiards Digest.

Now he’s having fun with Lone Wolf Leagues, which combines his interests in pool, business and technology. He’s looking forward to what comes next.


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