About Lone Wolf Leagues

Team League Experience

I played two seasons in a BCA 8 Ball league and went to Vegas once. We got into the money but not by much.

I played on a 3 player team in-house league playing both 8 Ball and 9 Ball, and got to play against the great Ray Martin (he’s better than I am).

I played another season in a BCA league at a different pool hall with a different bunch of guys. We came in second. I subbed for them a few times the following season.

The APA is big in the pool halls I frequent and many of my friends have played in it for years. I’m quite familiar with all their pros and cons.

I enjoyed each of these experiences thoroughly. I had some great teammates which really helped, but there were enough issues and irritations with team play to cause me to want to find a better way.

Singles Leagues

I played for 5 years in a singles straight pool league and this was much better. I was never waiting around for others to play, I was playing. All of the opponents were more serious about the game, irrespective of their ability (it was a handicapped league) and I really liked that. I had some ideas that I thought would make for a better experience, but the league operator was happy with what he had. Can’t say I blame him after all his league had been going for more than 10 seasons.

Lone Wolf Leagues

Thinking I could do better, in January 2015 I started up the first Lone Wolf League. Straight pool was the game and The Corner Pocket in Largo, Florida was the place. Stephanie Mitchell, the owner, and the players have been very helpful and accommodating as I worked through the bugs.

After 8 seasons of straight pool, I branched out, adding a one pocket league in February of 2017. It works just like the straight pool league, singles, flexible scheduling, accurate objective handicapping, etc. It too has been a success, though smaller.

Focus on Player Needs

I listened to the players, made appropriate changes and keep at it, ensuring Lone Wolf leagues has an excellent product. I’m satisfied that it can now be slowly rolled out to additional locations. I’m working hard on this website to improve both the administration of the leagues and to make the user experience of my members easier, faster and richer.

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