Cowboy Pool – Game of the Month for January Pockets and Caroms and Billiards, Oh My

With this post, I’m introducing a new feature to Pool Student’s blog called Game of the Month. Each month I’ll introduce you to a new game, explain briefly how to play it, provide a link to the rules, talk a little about strategy and point out why you might find the game interesting. This month […]

PoolSynergy – Volume 1 – Strategy

This is the first edition of PoolSynergy, A Monthly Collection of the Best Writing on Pool! We’ve got 9 great posts from many of the brightest, most interesting minds writing about pool. Every month we’ll treat you to a plethora of articles loosely tied to a common theme within the world of pool and billiards. […]

Thinking Your Way to More Pool Victories

This article is my entry for PoolSynergy, a monthly collection of the best writing on pool. Check it out to see the other 8 articles on the theme of strategy. Here’s a strategy that can help you in any game: Give yourself extra shots every inning. Quite a spot, isn’t it? Well, it’s not something you […]

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