Cribbage – Game of the Month for May A Strategic Game Requiring Pairs of Balls be Made Consecutively

Cribbage, or Cribbage Pool, is a great game, though one that has long ago gone out of fashion. If you’re looking for something new you should definitely give this one a try. It’s easy to learn and exercises different parts of your pool brain, so it will seem very fresh and enjoyable. Object of the […]

Rotation – Game of the Month – April 2010

Rotation, as I bet you’ve already guessed, is one of a number of games where the balls must be played in order, starting with the 1 Ball and working your way to the highest numbered ball. It is the most difficult of these games because all 15 balls are used, making the table more crowded, […]

Last Pocket – An Insidious but Fascinating Game March's Game of the Month is an 8 Ball Variation

Last Pocket 8 Ball is a variation of 8 Ball, one of the most played of all pocket billiards games. Its origin is indeterminate but probably arose as a way to lengthen the time it takes to play an 8 Ball game on a coin-operated bar table in order to get more playing time for […]

One Pocket – February Game of the Month

One Pocket is one of the Big Four, 8 Ball, 9 Ball, Straight Pool and One Pocket. And while Straight Pool used to be mainstream, and was at one time the game on which world championships were decided, One Pocket has always been a niche game. It’s a big niche, though, and you’ll find One […]

Cowboy Pool – Game of the Month for January Pockets and Caroms and Billiards, Oh My

With this post, I’m introducing a new feature to Pool Student’s blog called Game of the Month. Each month I’ll introduce you to a new game, explain briefly how to play it, provide a link to the rules, talk a little about strategy and point out why you might find the game interesting. This month […]

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