The Ultimate, Complete One Pocket Primer Get Up to Speed Quickly on this Chess-Like Strategic Game

One Pocket is not typically a game people play early in their pool careers, so when they come to it they already have a knowledge of the pool basics; fundamentals, pocketing skills, position play and the like. I’m going to assume that you too are like this, new to the game but not to pool. That […]

Maximize Your Ability to Learn from Feedback

In order to become better at an accelerated pace, you’ll want to learn to relish feedback. Though you are the navigator of your journey to higher skills, having a map and getting directions are very useful. Especially from people who been where you’re going; it increases the trust factor. Remember: you don’t know what you […]

Two Rail Kicking Systems – Scott Rohleder

Before you master two rail kicking, make sure you read and study Scott’s previous kicking articles. And, of course, you can’t just read this stuff, you have to get out there and practice it until it’s second nature. One Rail Kicking Systems – Part 1 One Rail Kicking Systems – Part 2 System Sid – […]

System Sid – Part 2 – by Scott Rohleder

I want to finish discussing the system I described last time, System Sid, by going over some additional applications and extensions of the system. As a brief review, this system is a dead ball (no english) system that is easy to calculate and very useful for 1 rail, end rail first kicks. See the last […]

System Sid – Part 1 – by Scott Rohleder

The system I want to discuss for this article is usually referred to as System Sid. I learned this from a few billiard players, and also have seen it referred to in various publications. I believe it’s named after 3-cushion billiard player Sid Banner, although I’m not sure if he invented it or is credited […]

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