Don’t Waste Your Money on Pool Lessons! Make Sure You do the Homework to Get The Value

Is this story familiar? You have a friend, let’s call him Joe, who’s crazy about pool. He plays all the time, buys nice equipment, reads pool books and magazines and watches a lot of the pros play, both at nearby tournaments, on TV and the web. Joe loves the game and wants to be a […]

Can You Tell Fair from Foul in this New Video Referee Quiz?

On Sunday, April 5th, Dr. Dave Alciatore posted a note on the AZ Billiards Forums that he and Bob Jewett had put together a 100 question referee quiz on whether shots are “Fair” or “Foul”. Every shot is on video and any pertinent information is provided (balls frozen or not, etc.). They provided a scoring […]

Pool Student Interviews Tony Crosby on How to Get Better at Pool

We did this interview on video but it was our first attempt and the result wasn’t good enough for prime time. We learned quite a lot though, from trying, and will get better in the future. For now, you’ll just have to suffer through with a transcript. John Biddle: Hi, this is John Biddle and […]

How to Put Your Stroke on Autopilot Driving to Excellence at Pool

Think back to when you first learned to drive. If you’re getting up there and the memories aren’t quite as sharp as they once were, think about when you taught your kids. At first, driving is a very complicated task. What with the steering, the braking, watching the other cars, looking out for pedestrians, wondering […]

How to Practice II – Expand Your Perspective

In my first article about how to practice, I talked about how structured practice enables you to improve at the fastest rate, thus maximizing your effort. This time I want to explore another part of the benefit; one you don’t hear from many others. Doing drills will not just make you better at the particular […]

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