10 Common Mistakes in Pool that Cost You Wins

Clearly, it takes skill to be good at pool. Acquiring that skill usually takes many years of effort, both playing and practicing. There’s also a great deal of specific knowledge that needs to be learned and understood. Lastly there are the intangibles, the heart it takes to be a winner, the mental discipline it takes […]

Three Opening Stratagems to Win More 8 Ball Games

Lock in the Best Group If you get to choose between stripes and solids, it’s quite often the case that one group is significantly better than the other. Put another way, the 8 Ball player who claims this easier group is more likely to win the game. How much more likely depends on the layout, […]

Learn How to Win Under Pressure It Only Really Counts if You do it in Competition

I just read a very interesting article in Scientific American Mind (2/11/09) by Elizabeth Svoboda. How to Avoid Choking under Pressure (hat tip to DeadCrab over on the Billiards Digest Forum) explains the scientific basis for why most of us can’t win under pressure as often as we’d like, and what we can do about […]

What is Absolutely the Best Book on the Mental Game? A Review of The Inner Game of Tennis by W. Timothy Gallwey

This classic book on the mental game can change your pool performance more than any other book or video you’ll ever buy. And it isn’t even written about pool! Go figure. The Inner Game of Tennis is the preeminent book on the mental game in sport. It’s a million copy best seller, in print for […]

Honesty (in risk assessment) is the Best Policy

Last Monday night was the last night of the season for the ACS league I participate in. Last week was the last team competition (we were edged out of first place on the last night). This was an optional singles tournament followed by the payout of the prize money. I played OK, but I made […]

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