Quiet Eye & Deep Focus Improve Shot Making Accuracy

I’ve just come across summaries of two related University of Florida studies that provide compelling evidence on how to improve one’s shot making ability in pool and in other self-paced sports that involve focusing on a target. Think foul shooting in basketball and putting in golf, along with darts, archery and target shooting. The key […]

How to Quickly & Easily Get 17% Better at Pool

I was reading the December 2008 issue of Men’s Health today and saw something I wanted to comment about. There was a blurb on page 52 about how employing a rigid pre-shot routine will help you master the free throw. Now this is specifically about basketball, but it applies directly to pool also. The reason […]

How to Practice II – Expand Your Perspective

In my first article about how to practice, I talked about how structured practice enables you to improve at the fastest rate, thus maximizing your effort. This time I want to explore another part of the benefit; one you don’t hear from many others. Doing drills will not just make you better at the particular […]

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