The Ultimate, Complete One Pocket Primer Get Up to Speed Quickly on this Chess-Like Strategic Game

One Pocket is not typically a game people play early in their pool careers, so when they come to it they already have a knowledge of the pool basics; fundamentals, pocketing skills, position play and the like. I’m going to assume that you too are like this, new to the game but not to pool. That […]

LWL’s Ultimate Primer to the Game of Straight Pool For Experienced Players Who are New to the Game

Many of you are new to the game of straight pool, even though you are experienced players of other games. We’ve put together a list of general tips, not always true in every case but more like rules of thumb, to give a boost up the learning curve, so to speak. Keep these in mind and your first season won’t be so rough.

Straight Pool Info for Players New to the Game

Four excellent videos to help those who are new to the game of straight pool, no matter how much you know about other games. There’s a quick video on how to use the scoring thumbwheels and one by Pat Flemming on how to execute various break shots. There are also two instructional videos. The first is a long straight pool lesson by Danny Diliberto. The second is by David Sapolis on the Kurtz drill, teaching how to use balls near the center of the table as key balls for side of the rack break shots.

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