One Rail Kicking Systems – Part 1

My name is Scott Rohleder, and I’m an avid pool player. I’ve been playing pool and billiards for a little over 20 years. I play at a decent level, and would consider myself on a list of people who can compete at the local or regional levels without embarrassing myself but am not at the […]

A Hierarchy for Advanced Pool Skill Acquisition Learn the Right Things in the Right Order to Avoid Wasting Your Time

Pool is a game of nearly endless depth and richness. To maximize pool skill acquisition you must learn the most fundamental things thoroughly and early. For beginners, this may not be readily apparent, but as one learns more of what’s possible it becomes more and more obvious. Which ball to play next, which route to […]

Don’t Waste Your Money on Pool Lessons! Make Sure You do the Homework to Get The Value

Is this story familiar? You have a friend, let’s call him Joe, who’s crazy about pool. He plays all the time, buys nice equipment, reads pool books and magazines and watches a lot of the pros play, both at nearby tournaments, on TV and the web. Joe loves the game and wants to be a […]

12 Tips for Staying Down on Your Shots It Seems so Simple, but it's so Hard to Do

A great stroke needs to be extremely accurate. You need to hit the cue ball in exactly the right spot, with a cue that is traveling along exactly the right line. Doing this is very tough, and any little extraneous movement, or muscle tension that doesn’t directly contribute to the end goal makes the task […]

Practice Getting Shape Rather than Shot Making

One of the most fundamental keys to getting better at pool is to work on your weaknesses. Keep at it until you bring them up to or beyond the rest of your game. This simple rule can be applied to anyone’s game, because every game has some parts that are weaker than others, no matter […]

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