Pool Student Interviews Tony Crosby on How to Get Better at Pool

We did this interview on video but it was our first attempt and the result wasn’t good enough for prime time. We learned quite a lot though, from trying, and will get better in the future. For now, you’ll just have to suffer through with a transcript. John Biddle: Hi, this is John Biddle and […]

Learn How to Win Under Pressure It Only Really Counts if You do it in Competition

I just read a very interesting article in Scientific American Mind (2/11/09) by Elizabeth Svoboda. How to Avoid Choking under Pressure (hat tip to DeadCrab over on the Billiards Digest Forum) explains the scientific basis for why most of us can’t win under pressure as often as we’d like, and what we can do about […]

Banging Balls II – Get Practice Drill Results

In my first post on how to get practice drill results from Banging Balls, I laid out my reasoning behind this approach and detailed 5 different ways to modify mindlessly banging balls so as to get much more out of the activity without boring yourself to death. Today I will introduce another half dozen variations […]

How to Maximize “Banging Balls”

Some people find it too boring to do drills or other forms of progressive practice. They wind up just throwing out a rack of balls onto the table and just shooting them into pockets, i.e., banging balls. While I don’t want to encourage any of you to do this, I realize that many will continue […]

5 Ways to Liven Up Your Practice Drills These Tricks Can Help You to Stay More Focused and Drill More Often

One of the main reasons that most pool players don’t do practice drills is that they claim it’s boring. They say they just can’t keep their head in the game running drills of any kind. Consequently, they go back to just banging balls, or worse, just playing. What follows are some of the ways you […]

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