Can You Tell Fair from Foul in this New Video Referee Quiz?

On Sunday, April 5th, Dr. Dave Alciatore posted a note on the AZ Billiards Forums that he and Bob Jewett had put together a 100 question referee quiz on whether shots are “Fair” or “Foul”. Every shot is on video and any pertinent information is provided (balls frozen or not, etc.). They provided a scoring […]

Two views of IPAT (Start & Level 1)

John Biddle’s View Play Pool Like a Pro was kind enough to provide me a full set of their IPAT training products for review. This consists of four 8 1/2 x 11 spiral bound books (levels Start & 1 – 3), and 3 DVDs (levels 1-3) that are 160 minutes each. The Level 3 DVD […]

Do You Want to Know Everything about Pool Shots? A Review of "Byrne's Complete Book of Pool Shots" by Robert Byrne

Byrne’s Complete Book of Pool Shots, 350 Moves Every Player Should Know, is a terrific book for intermediate to advanced players. It is not about teaching you how to become a good player, he has other books for that. Instead, this book is about teaching you lots of interesting and useful things that you might […]

Two Views of Joe Tucker’s 3rd Eye Stroke Trainer

Finding Center Cue – John Biddle’s View I liked this product right from the start. It arrived in only a few days, it was inexpensive ($14.95), and I received 2 of them when I was only expecting one. The 3rd Eye Stroke Trainers also came with a DVD. It was an excellent introduction into why […]

What is Absolutely the Best Book on the Mental Game? A Review of The Inner Game of Tennis by W. Timothy Gallwey

This classic book on the mental game can change your pool performance more than any other book or video you’ll ever buy. And it isn’t even written about pool! Go figure. The Inner Game of Tennis is the preeminent book on the mental game in sport. It’s a million copy best seller, in print for […]

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