The Best Pool Book for Analytical Thinkers A Review of "The Illustrated Principles of Pool & Billiards" by David Alciatore

David (Dr Dave) G. Alciatore’s book The Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards explains what happens on the pool table from a scientific or engineering perspective. By explaining the underlying forces, the cause and effect of where balls go and why, Dr Dave will enable you to understand pool at a fundamental level. Hopefully that […]

The Best Affordable Book on One Pocket A Review of "Upscale One Pocket" by Jack H. Koehler

One-Pocket is a specialized game that requires a different skill set than other games. To become a good one-pocket player, you’ll need to learn these skills to a high degree of proficiency, and that warrants a book targeted at doing just that. This is a good little book that can help someone who wants to […]

Not All Pool Books are Worth Your Time A Review of "101 Big Pool Shots" by Gerry "The Ghost" Watson

I can’t honestly recommend this book.  The main section, over 60% of the book, lays out the 101 big shots of the title. Here’s how Gerry defines a Big Shot: A “Big Shot” is one that you have to give considerable thought before executing. It requires precise visualization, and exact stroke anticipation. When the big […]

Is “Play Your Best Pool” the Best Pool Book? A Review of "Play Your Best Pool" by Phil Capelle

One of my favorite instructional pool books is Play Your Best Pool by Phil Capelle. It is the most comprehensive and thorough single volume of general pool instruction I know of. My copy, the one I’m reviewing here, is from the 1st printing. The book was updated last year and it’s been made even better. […]

What’s the Best Pool Book by a World Champion? A Review of "The 99 Critical Shots in Pool" by Ray Martin & Rosser Reeves

I’m having trouble making up my mind about this book. On the one hand, it’s fairly short, has very poor diagrams, has quite a bit of fluff, and many pages are only useful for straight pool players. On the other hand, the book is a classic, chock full of useful information. It’s probably the oldest […]

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