The Ultimate, Complete One Pocket Primer Get Up to Speed Quickly on this Chess-Like Strategic Game

One Pocket is not typically a game people play early in their pool careers, so when they come to it they already have a knowledge of the pool basics; fundamentals, pocketing skills, position play and the like. I’m going to assume that you too are like this, new to the game but not to pool. That […]

Cribbage – Game of the Month for May A Strategic Game Requiring Pairs of Balls be Made Consecutively

Cribbage, or Cribbage Pool, is a great game, though one that has long ago gone out of fashion. If you’re looking for something new you should definitely give this one a try. It’s easy to learn and exercises different parts of your pool brain, so it will seem very fresh and enjoyable. Object of the […]

Strategy Question: Offense vs Defense in 14.1 What are the Factors that Matter When You Decide

I played a match the other day in my straight pool league. My opponent is a little better than I am and he spotted me 26 balls in a game to 100. I started out slow and he got way ahead and I caught fire, and he slowed down and we were at 98 me […]

My First Big ‘Aha!’ Moment in Pool

This article is part of Volume 2 of PoolSynergy, a monthly collection of the best writing on pool. After you read this, be sure to check out the rest of December’s other great articles on the theme of Inspiring Pool Stories. A few months or so after I first started to play pool, I joined […]

PoolSynergy – Volume 1 – Strategy

This is the first edition of PoolSynergy, A Monthly Collection of the Best Writing on Pool! We’ve got 9 great posts from many of the brightest, most interesting minds writing about pool. Every month we’ll treat you to a plethora of articles loosely tied to a common theme within the world of pool and billiards. […]

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