FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


What games are supported?

We currently support straight pool and one pocket. Nine ball starts in mid May, and we have plans to start 8 ball in the fall.

When can I play my match?

You can play any time your pool hall is open, there is an available table, and both players are available.  Some pool halls have some additional restrictions due to other leagues or tournaments.

Where can I play my match?

Each Lone Wolf League is associated with a particular pool hall, and you must play all of your games there.

What happens if someone drops out?

Any games the exiting player has already completed remain as they are. All unplayed games will be considered byes and are victories for the other player.

I’m going on vacation, can I play those matches early?

Yes, you may play matches early, or out of order, or late, so long as you can arrange a suitable time with your opponent.

How do I report match results?

You need to fill in a Match Results form available from your pool hall. It’s short and easy to fill out, but please fill it out completely, and both players must sign it. Then turn it in at the register.

My opponent didn’t show up. What now?

First, try calling him/her to find out what happened. Wait a half hour, and if they haven’t shown up or called to explain, submit a filled out Match Results form, show yourself as the winner, and write FORFEIT where you would normally record the results for the opponent. Remember, we’re in this to play, not to collect victories by forfeits, so try to reschedule unless the opponent is being unreasonable.

My opponent committed a foul but says he didn’t. What do I do?

Pretty much the same thing you would do in any other non-league game. You try to work it out with the opponent. If there is a dispute about the rules, check them at the World Pool Billiard Assoc.

To avoid this kind of problem, whenever you are going to make a shot where there may be a dispute, get someone mutually agreeable to watch the shot and their call is final.


If I play a match out of order, won’t the handicapping be messed up?

No. You play all matches at your then current handicap, which is our best estimate, with the data we have, of your current skill level.

Why does my handicap change?

Your handicap is our best estimate of your skill. We re-evaluate after every match, with handicaps going up with victories and down with losses. The bigger the victory/loss margin, the bigger the handicap change.


How much does it cost?

The cost per match is $10. There is an up front deposit of $30 which covers the last 3 weeks of the season. The deposit discourages people who lose a couple games early in the season from dropping out.

How is the prize money distributed?

Each League Operator is responsible for making this determination, and it may vary by game, but 70% of all match fees are distributed as prizes, typically as cash.

If I drop out, can I get my deposit back?

No. The whole purpose of the deposit was to discourage players from quitting.

I’d like to pay in advance, is that OK?

Yes. Just be sure to indicate on the Match Results form how much was paid.

Do I have to pay if I have a bye or my opponent forfeits?

Yes. It’s only fair that everyone contributes the same toward the prize pool by paying for the same number of matches.

Do I have to pay for table time when playing a match?

No, there is no charge for table time while you’re playing a match. As to other privileges for league members, this varies by pool hall. Contact your league operator or pool hall owner.

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