Quirks in the Straight Pool Rules

Lone Wolf Leagues uses the World Pool-Billiard Association Straight Pool Rules. Disputes about the rules are infrequent, but they do happen. It’s good to know where to go to resolve them.

Knowing the rules makes the game more fun and can keep you from making a mistake that could cost you a win. I suggest you make a particular effort to read and understand the rules around the following situations. They are different from those of any other game you are likely familiar with:

Opening Break

Choose who breaks by lagging or flipping a coin. With the cue ball behind the headstring, the breaker must strike the pack with the cue ball and drive it and 2 object balls to a rail. If this is not done successfully there is a 2 point foul. Also, the opponent gets to choose to take the table as it lies and take his turn or he can make the breaker rerack and rebreak facing the same rules as when he broke the first time. This  does not count toward the 3 foul rule.

If the original breaker were to scratch on the break which was otherwise successful, he is assessed a normal 1 point foul. This does count toward the 3 foul rule.

3 Foul Rule

If a player fouls on 3 consecutive shots, he is further assessed a serious foul which is a 15 point penalty. Thus, the 3 fouls cost a total of 18 points. The opponent must remind the shooter before his third turn that he is “on two fouls”. If he fails to do this reminding, and the shooter fouls again, he is not assessed the serious foul and is still considered to be on two fouls.

Special Racking Situations

When either the cue ball or the 15th object ball, i.e., the one not being racked, interferes with the racking of the 14 balls, it is a special situation. Depending on the exact situation you need to do one of the following:

********* Table of Options goes here *********


Jumping is allowed, but only if you hit down into the cue ball; no scooping allowed. This is the same as in other games. In the real world, though, you’ll almost never see this happen. Rarely you might choose to jump into the rack when you’ve not gotten enough angle on your break shot.

If you make the ball you’re trying to make, then any other balls that go in are yours.  If not, any other balls going in get spotted.


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