Straight Pool Info for Players New to the Game

The four straight pool videos that follow provide basic knowledge that even experienced players of other games may not have.

How to Keep Score in Straight Pool (2 min)

The how to keep score video will explain what those thumbwheel counters you’ve seen on all but Diamond tables are actually for and how to use them.

Pat Fleming on Straight Pool Break Shots (10 min)

Pat Fleming is a terrific player and founder of Accu-Stats videos.  He walks you through all of the classic break shots and provides tips on how best to execute them. This video is an excerpt from his DVD The Creative Edge.

The Kurtz Drill (6 min)

Now that you know how to make those break shots, you need to know how to get on them. Here’s a terrific little video by David Sapolis on how to create key balls in the center of the table. I know most people think drills are boring, but they can really help.

Danny Diliberto 14.1 Lesson (2 hr 18 min)

Danny Diliberto gives a 2+ hour lesson in straight pool that you can learn as much from as his student does.

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