Last Pocket – An Insidious but Fascinating Game March's Game of the Month is an 8 Ball Variation

Last Pocket 8 Ball is a variation of 8 Ball, one of the most played of all pocket billiards games. Its origin is indeterminate but probably arose as a way to lengthen the time it takes to play an 8 Ball game on a coin-operated bar table in order to get more playing time for […]

My First Big ‘Aha!’ Moment in Pool

This article is part of Volume 2 of PoolSynergy, a monthly collection of the best writing on pool. After you read this, be sure to check out the rest of December’s other great articles on the theme of Inspiring Pool Stories. A few months or so after I first started to play pool, I joined […]

I Gave up 8 Ball for a Month I Learned so Much I Hardly Play it Anymore

I like 8 Ball (BCA rules, no slop). It’s rich in complexity, what with so many puzzles to solve while not giving my opponent a chance to win. I relish the flexibility of being able to choose the pattern for my run out. Maneuvering in and around my opponent’s balls to find the only way […]

Three Opening Stratagems to Win More 8 Ball Games

Lock in the Best Group If you get to choose between stripes and solids, it’s quite often the case that one group is significantly better than the other. Put another way, the 8 Ball player who claims this easier group is more likely to win the game. How much more likely depends on the layout, […]

Honesty (in risk assessment) is the Best Policy

Last Monday night was the last night of the season for the ACS league I participate in. Last week was the last team competition (we were edged out of first place on the last night). This was an optional singles tournament followed by the payout of the prize money. I played OK, but I made […]

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