Rotation – Game of the Month – April 2010

Rotation, as I bet you’ve already guessed, is one of a number of games where the balls must be played in order, starting with the 1 Ball and working your way to the highest numbered ball. It is the most difficult of these games because all 15 balls are used, making the table more crowded, […]

System Sid – Part 1 – by Scott Rohleder

The system I want to discuss for this article is usually referred to as System Sid. I learned this from a few billiard players, and also have seen it referred to in various publications. I believe it’s named after 3-cushion billiard player Sid Banner, although I’m not sure if he invented it or is credited […]

A Hierarchy for Advanced Pool Skill Acquisition Learn the Right Things in the Right Order to Avoid Wasting Your Time

Pool is a game of nearly endless depth and richness. To maximize pool skill acquisition you must learn the most fundamental things thoroughly and early. For beginners, this may not be readily apparent, but as one learns more of what’s possible it becomes more and more obvious. Which ball to play next, which route to […]

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