Three Outside Influences on my Pool Education

This article is part of Volume 3 of PoolSynergy, a monthly collection of the best writing on pool. After you read this, be sure to check out the rest of the January edition of PoolSynergy for other great articles over at Mike Fieldhammer’s Billiard Coach. January’s theme is Life Lesson Application. There are 3 things […]

Gleanings from TAR 17: Donny Mills vs Shane Van Boening

This past weekend I had the distinct pleasure of watching some great pool, live in my home town. I attended both halves of TAR 17 (The Action Report) in person at Crooked Cue Billiards in Clearwater, FL. This excellent pool hall, about 5 miles from my home, hosted a challenge match between Donny Mills and […]

10 Common Mistakes in Pool that Cost You Wins

Clearly, it takes skill to be good at pool. Acquiring that skill usually takes many years of effort, both playing and practicing. There’s also a great deal of specific knowledge that needs to be learned and understood. Lastly there are the intangibles, the heart it takes to be a winner, the mental discipline it takes […]

Three Opening Stratagems to Win More 8 Ball Games

Lock in the Best Group If you get to choose between stripes and solids, it’s quite often the case that one group is significantly better than the other. Put another way, the 8 Ball player who claims this easier group is more likely to win the game. How much more likely depends on the layout, […]

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