One Pocket – February Game of the Month

One Pocket is one of the Big Four, 8 Ball, 9 Ball, Straight Pool and One Pocket. And while Straight Pool used to be mainstream, and was at one time the game on which world championships were decided, One Pocket has always been a niche game. It’s a big niche, though, and you’ll find One […]

I Gave up 8 Ball for a Month I Learned so Much I Hardly Play it Anymore

I like 8 Ball (BCA rules, no slop). It’s rich in complexity, what with so many puzzles to solve while not giving my opponent a chance to win. I relish the flexibility of being able to choose the pattern for my run out. Maneuvering in and around my opponent’s balls to find the only way […]

The Best Affordable Book on One Pocket A Review of "Upscale One Pocket" by Jack H. Koehler

One-Pocket is a specialized game that requires a different skill set than other games. To become a good one-pocket player, you’ll need to learn these skills to a high degree of proficiency, and that warrants a book targeted at doing just that. This is a good little book that can help someone who wants to […]

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