Poolosophy: Pool Student’s Approach to the Game

Poolosophy is part of Volume 7 of PoolSynergy, a monthly collection of the best writing on pool. After you read it, be sure to check out the rest of the May 2010 edition of PoolSynergy for other great articles over at P00lriah. The April theme is Poolosophy – Your Philosophy about Pool. When it comes […]

Gleanings from TAR 17: Donny Mills vs Shane Van Boening

This past weekend I had the distinct pleasure of watching some great pool, live in my home town. I attended both halves of TAR 17 (The Action Report) in person at Crooked Cue Billiards in Clearwater, FL. This excellent pool hall, about 5 miles from my home, hosted a challenge match between Donny Mills and […]

Review of the Laser Stroke

Ted Schulze at Laser Stroke was kind enough to provide me with an evaluation copy of his Laser Stroke training product. Boy, am I glad he did; I really like this thing. Check out their website for pictures, a video and testimonials. It’s a small (2.75 inches), light (1.5 ounces) laser device that fits over […]

Don’t Waste Your Money on Pool Lessons! Make Sure You do the Homework to Get The Value

Is this story familiar? You have a friend, let’s call him Joe, who’s crazy about pool. He plays all the time, buys nice equipment, reads pool books and magazines and watches a lot of the pros play, both at nearby tournaments, on TV and the web. Joe loves the game and wants to be a […]

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