Review of the Laser Stroke

Ted Schulze at Laser Stroke was kind enough to provide me with an evaluation copy of his Laser Stroke training product. Boy, am I glad he did; I really like this thing. Check out their website for pictures, a video and testimonials. It’s a small (2.75 inches), light (1.5 ounces) laser device that fits over […]

Review of The Ultimate Billiard Coach

I believe very strongly that a good stroke is the most important of the fundamental skills requiring mastery to play this game well. How you stand, where you put your head and how you grip the cue, etc., all contribute to how easily you can learn to stroke the cue well, but the stroke itself […]

Two Views of IPAT 2 and IPAT 3

Carl Kramer’s View Well, kids here’s the long-awaited much-anticipated Review of IPAT level 2. First, let me say that John (our host) and fellow Pool Student and friend Canadian Dave did such a good job of reviewing “Start” and “Level 1”, I needed to bring you some real world experience. In order to do this, […]

Two Views of Joe Tucker’s 3rd Eye Stroke Trainer

Finding Center Cue – John Biddle’s View I liked this product right from the start. It arrived in only a few days, it was inexpensive ($14.95), and I received 2 of them when I was only expecting one. The 3rd Eye Stroke Trainers also came with a DVD. It was an excellent introduction into why […]

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