Review of the Laser Stroke

Ted Schulze at Laser Stroke was kind enough to provide me with an evaluation copy of his Laser Stroke training product. Boy, am I glad he did; I really like this thing. Check out their website for pictures, a video and testimonials. It’s a small (2.75 inches), light (1.5 ounces) laser device that fits over […]

Review of The Ultimate Billiard Coach

I believe very strongly that a good stroke is the most important of the fundamental skills requiring mastery to play this game well. How you stand, where you put your head and how you grip the cue, etc., all contribute to how easily you can learn to stroke the cue well, but the stroke itself […]

12 Tips for Staying Down on Your Shots It Seems so Simple, but it's so Hard to Do

A great stroke needs to be extremely accurate. You need to hit the cue ball in exactly the right spot, with a cue that is traveling along exactly the right line. Doing this is very tough, and any little extraneous movement, or muscle tension that doesn’t directly contribute to the end goal makes the task […]

Different Strokes . . . To Pause or Not to Pause

I had a conversation today at the pool hall with a friend about my stroke. He’d been watching me practice for a few minutes and asked me why I didn’t pause before I took my final stroke. I explained my logic and we talked for a few minutes. Neither of us was taking the position […]

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