The Ultimate, Complete One Pocket Primer Get Up to Speed Quickly on this Chess-Like Strategic Game

One Pocket is not typically a game people play early in their pool careers, so when they come to it they already have a knowledge of the pool basics; fundamentals, pocketing skills, position play and the like.

I’m going to assume that you too are like this, new to the game but not to pool. That you’re looking for a solid grounding with some of the most important one pocket skills without rehashing what you already know.

5 Main Focus Points

Defense, Defense, Defense

Never leave an open shot for your opponent if you can at all help it. Cue ball control over everything else.

Make Your Opponent Play Defense

If he is always shooting at his hole and you are always playing defense, who do you think is the favorite to win. You must regain control by moving a ball close to your hole when playing safe to turn the tables. And this is a great lead-in to our next focus point:

Do more than 1 thing every shot

Don’t just play safe, play lock-up

Learn to love torturing your opponent

5 Critical Skill Areas

Short Rail Banking

Caroming the Cue Ball to a Target

Seeing Balls in the Rack

Running Balls

Cross-Over Banks

5 Highly Valuable Drills to Up Your Game

Inside english banks
Speed Control (rolling cue ball to opponents side rail)
Drawing under another ball
Avoiding collisions when running

5 Things to Avoid

Leaving a ball in your opponent’s pocket

Focusing only on the CB or OB

Poor Offense/Defense Tradeoffs You don’t want to take a shot that leads nowhere if missing it could lead to a big opportunity for your opponent.

Double Kisses

The Big Mistake One example, breaking open the cluster because the balls will probably move toward your hole.

5 Sources for More Info on One Pocket

5 Great One Pocket Videos to Learn From

5 Most Common Noobie Mistakes

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